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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island units are a great addition to any kitchen or dining room. The items here are free standing and portable, so they can be repositioned or moved as needed. Although most kitchen islands do not have wheels, they are surprisingly portable whilst being very sturdy. The islands are made from a variety of wood types, most commonly oak but also pine and ash. With the option of wooden or granite top surfaces, they provide an additional work surface as well as many other features such as breakfast bars and built in wine racks.

Island units can serve many functions outside of the kitchen. For example, they are excellent for use with barbecues or any outdoor cooking event where a work surface and storage are not readily available. In fact, they can be placed in any room in the house as an all in one cabinet, wine rack and work top.

Butchers Blocks

Butchers blocks are similar to kitchen island units but are typically smaller and more simple. With a thick wood top that functions as a chopping board for meat and vegetables, they may have drawers and even some shelves but do not have breakfast bars, wine racks and the same amount of storage space as a kitchen island unit. The are free standing and portable and generally cheaper than island units.